Dengue claims one, 317 infected hospitalised in Bangladesh

Another victim of Aedes-borne Dengue was killed, and 317 others were admitted to hospital with the virus in the 24 hours preceding Thursday morning.

According to the most recent statistics, 54 dengue victims have died and 1,245 are currently being treated at various clinics and hospitals across the country.

The latest update was added to the daily report of Directorate General of Health Services.

According to DGHS, 259 of the new patients were admitted to Dhaka's government and private hospitals, while the other 58 were reported from outside the district.

The Aedes mosquito-borne virus disease caused by the Aedes mosquito was fatal to 54 people since January. Two of them were in the capital. One each was in Chattogram and Rajshahi divisions.

According to the DGHS release, twelve of them died in July while 34 died in August. Eight were killed in September.

In the 24 hours that passed between Wednesday and Thursday, another victim of dengue died. This brings the total to 54. According to the DGHS report, the latest victim of dengue was below 10 years.

According to DGHS, there were 1,245 dengue fever patients in the country on Wednesday morning.

One hundred and fifty-five patients are being treated at Dhaka's various hospitals, while the rest of the 170 were outside the capital.

Since January, more than 13,000 690 dengue patients have been admitted at different hospitals across the country.

According to the DGHS, so far 11,708 dengue victims have been released from hospitals following recovery.

With 343 dengue patients admitted on Tuesday, the highest number of patients with dengue was recorded in a single day.

Since August, health authorities have been recording more than 200 cases of dengue per day.


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